Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016

WM/H's long 2015, Part 02 - The errata from the Khador PoV

   But first things first *ahem*...
   Thank you. I was referring the change that happened to Calandra's theme force, EE. But this is not an article to talk about salty Trollplayer tears (well, maybe it still will be). We're going to talk about what in the errata matters for Khador players. More after the break.

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016

WM/H's long 2015 - Part 01: Zerkova, Denial, and guns. Boostable guns.

   For the first article in this series, I'll try to understandably write down the realisations and thoughts which came from my games at ClogCon in Decembre. These will revolve around Zerkova, control, threat, and why it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case your opponent just ... backs up.
   That, and guns. Lots of guns.

More after the break.

Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Khador 2015, Part 20 - 2015 Wrap-up

Reusing Images? You don't say.
   Ahh, a wrap. Haven't done one of those in a long time (2013). And it actually kinda feels both right AND wrong to do one. My reason is the fact that, while 2015 is over from a timeschedule point of view - from a Steamroller PoV, it is not. This version of SR will last us longer than any other before, up to Lock and Load. As an intermediary, we'll be getting the "short-season" with the platoons et aliter, but there are no news on that yet.
   So there will be no break this time (I don't see the article ending up that long). Reviewing lists of this year is... semi-plausible, because I've been writing about my pZ/eZ lists a bunch, and haven't been playing that much. At ClogCon I played about 80% of all games played this year.

   I will keep revisiting the pZ/eZ list pair, but the degenerate Tryhard in me is itching to play some Irusk1 and/or Sorscha2 (which I am considering to have painted like eZ), potentially as pairs for eZ. So that's a New Year's Resolution, if you will. I probably won't have any opportunity to go to tournaments, though, what with becoming a father of two next year and all that that entails. I will have another child in May, which I'm really looking forward two, but it obviously and rightfully so takes priority over the hobby.
   But, assuming I get a decently paid job after the inevitable graduation, I will paint more stuff for sure. Just because you can't play doesn't mean you can't have any of the fun, right? And more painted models are better for everyone, anyway. I will probably be able to start the painting when I'm graduated. And then I've got to find a good job to provide better for my family. So painting will, most likely, still be sporadic and happening when openings provide themselves. But see also below.

   In order to keep this brief - it's 2016 already, after all - here's a few final bits:
a) The "Khador ****" series will "pause", in a way. The next installment will be the start of Khador "2016/17". Until then, you'll have to live with "WM's long 2015".
b) I hope to get a good chunk of games for M&tM s5 recorded in February. So that may actually be a thing. When I'm done with writing my thesis, I want to play and record games for M&tM s5 - that one's still on my to-do list. There may be opportunities during February, but it's still up in the air. Also, recording speed will likely be very slow - it's 20 unorthodox (i.e. non-Steamroller) games, 3 of which I already got, and most of the remaining need some special prep.
c) I could take pictures of the stuff I already painted and talk about those here. Hm. We'll see.

But until then, farewell,
have fun,
and all hail Ayn Vanar I, Empress of the Motherland.

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Khador 2015, Part 19 - ClogCon Roundup

Most important things first: Harkevich and Krüger1 fall to Lady pZ. That's two things crossed of the World Domination List, boo-ya! *cough*

Yeah, so ClogCon happened from the 11th to the 13th, and which lists I brought, you're probably already aware if you read any of the lasts posts on this blog. ;)

Follow on to read about my games, thoughts and observations on these, as well as an evaluation of the list pair, mixed with potential changes.

Mind the gap.

Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Khador 2015 - Part 18: Conquest v. Behemoth Juxtaposition

In the last article, I did a little preparation for ClogCon by running my two lists through a theoretical gauntlet. I might do that again.

However, in this article I want to compare the Conquest to the Behemoth with regards to my lists - because I've heard a bunch of good arguments  for swapping them around.  And afterwards, I might just do another round of Irish Roulette.

Dienstag, 10. November 2015

Khador 2015 - Part 17 - WTC Roulette No.1

So, there's a thing you can do with all the WTC lists - Steamroller Roulette. It works this way:
 * Work out a two-list pairing you're going to bring.
 * Pick a team from the WTC lineup (most recent event, generally).
 * Evaluate your match-ups Round by Round as if you were paired against each player during the tournament. Assume D&C as you want, I'll go with 0.

   There are a number of advantages to this theorymachining - the lists were created for a hypothetical meta, which is highly comparable with going to a meta where you've never been before, for example.

   I went with a random number, and got 42 (D'uh!). I choose the leaderboard order of teams, and draw...

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

Let's play Hardball

"So I have more of a modern football crowd, where you have more of a modern wrestling crowd." "Pretty much."
   SPIEL 2015 is currently happening at Messe Essen. My small family attended yesterday and we got a whole day's worth of enjoyment out of it, between buying a few games and bits, trolling BattleFoam, and a demo-game of Guildball (GB from here-on out).

   A little bit of history here: I was a (not-so-uberly-active) Member of the Steamforged Community before GB came around, so I can safely say I've been aware of GB the whole time. I didn't back the Kickstarter because I didn't have the money to do so, but I've kept on monitoring the game. The game concept is really interesting (and refreshing to a Warmachine Player like me), the sports aspect is great, and I would've certainly bought into a faction already if a) there was one Guild that really really interested me and b) distribution in Germany was better... Especially the latter part made me giddy about Steamforged Games coming to the SPIEL, and getting a demo in.

   So read on about my experiences and thoughts and plans that came from my visit to the Steamforged booth.